Welcome to the Language Development Lab (LDL) at the University of Hong Kong.

We are a group of linguists, who are interested in issues in learning and learnability specifically within phonology. In Spring 2018, our lab meets every Thursday 1:30-3:00 at RST 928 in Linguistics Department. Our lab meeting is in two parts: (a) RAs will report the progress of the lab projects, and (b) we read two articles every week and discuss. Our theme this semester is phonological learning and learnability. If you need information about the lab meeting, please contact two of our PhD student members Eileen or Arthur, whose emails can be find under “people”.


Our projects mainly employ behavioral experiments and computational modeling with human subjects of all ages (from infants to adults). Using formal, experimental, and computational approaches, we hope to better understand a full description of the learning mechanisms that humans use in learning L1 and L2.